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Application Monitoring that finds what you can't see in charts.

Scout continually tracks down N+1 database queries, sources of memory bloat, performance abnormalities, and more.

"Our goal was simply to find bottlenecks in our app and fix them.With the help of Scout, we're good to go!"

Benjamin Knofe, CTO of Gigmit

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"Don't hire me. Install Scout. It'll tell you exactly which lines of code are causing your performance and memory woes."

Sudara Williams, Senior Performance Engineer,

"Today's performance issues are nuanced and time-consuming to investigate. Scout is how we get our time back."

Andres Barcenas, Senior DevOps Engineer, MDLIV

Transaction Traces

Our agent instruments the dependencies you'd expect (database queries, HTTP calls, template rendering, etc.) and a number of not-so-common dependencies as well.

Scout's tracing logic ties bottlenecks to source code, eliminating guess work. Instrumentation is combined with our one-of-kind profiler, ScoutProf, to profile your app's custom code without complex custom configuration.

Performance Insights

Every stack frame of every trace is analyzed for memory bloat, slow database queries, trending poor performance, and more. The results are aggregated together and presented on your dashboard.

Scout works to identify critical problems that can't be detected with the human eye.

Low Overhead

Our monitoring agent uses just a portion of the resources of existing app monitoring agents while providing higher-fidelity trace details.

The secret to low overhead? Our tracing algorithm. Our agent does more work on anomaly requests and decreases analysis on faster areas of your application code.

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